Décor can make or break your prom.

Having a huge space that is sparsely decorated or doesn’t go with your theme is a crying shame and makes your attendees disappointed. Yes, décor is expensive, even renting it and the labor costs to set up the décor can be equally expensive. However, it is key to your prom.

Having a James Bond themed prom without the known décor selections such as the 007, giant cards, casino, tropical trees, over the top crystal columns, fake bombs and oversized firm columns etc.

Having a fire and ice themed prom without oversized firm columns, large candles made of ice, ice bergs, and ice water luge, ice crystal chandeliers, red up-lighting and such will disappoint.

Just like a Carnival themed prom has to have live actors and acts. Acts like fire eaters, samba dancers, walking on glass, sword and dagger stunts, needles through the arm, acrobats, and a sword swallower are all must have’s. not to mention, you need the bearded lady, the strong man and stilt walking. You need carnival midway games to play and a rocking DJ.

An Alice in Wonderland themed prom requires going down the tunnel with Alice. Chasing the white rabbit, having a dance off with the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, being able to play crochet with the Red Queen. Having your picture taken with the White Queen. Getting lost in the forest with the signing flowers, and the talking caterpillar, and having a tea party with the March Hare. Anything less is disappointing.

A Hollywood or Gatsby themed prom requires elegant buildings, lots of glitz, gold, stars, giant feather trees, a red carpet, a step and repeat for photos.

Don’t let your seniors be disappointed over attending prom. Blow their mind and call Jennifer Lane Events and Event Décor Divas based in Denver Colorado to create the prom you will remember for the rest of your life.

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