Best 2019 Prom Themes

Vintage Hollywood – need a marquee, giant film facades, red carpet, stanchions, search lights, giant palm trees, Hollywood sign, film reels, feather boas, crystal chandeliers, stars, giant feather trees, are all necessities, but you also need live actors for Hollywood icons to take pictures with and professional dancers, to assist with getting everyone out on the dance floor.

Golden gala – this requires a lot of gold. Stars, gold lame fabric back drops, liquid gold spilling from the ceiling, liquid gold carpet with marquee lights, clear balloons dipped in liquid gold, feather trees, tall trees dripping in clear lights. What else is necessary to make it over the top? You need live statues painted in liquid gold.

Gatsby – necessary black and gold décor feathers, building facades, lights from the ceiling, giant clear balloons as bubbles from the ceiling, amazing architectural pieces with the 1920s flair, tall feather trees, crystal chandeliers, stars. To really take it over the top, you need professional dancers as flappers to help with getting every one on the floor and 1920s cars.

Out of this world – space themed. Lots of stars o the ceiling, the walls, lights, planets, custom lighting to create a space feel, specialty lighting to create a galaxy effect, rocks. To take it over the top, we need live actors as aliens, and drinks with edible glitter to give them a fun flair.

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