Wedding Ceremony Decor

What is the latest decor elements in weddings you ask? You want classic but yet stylish and will never go out of style.

Arbors with sheer fabrics and flowers will never go out of style. Arbors or chuppas can be round or square. Make them unique through the colors f your wedding or the colors of the fabrics. However, if your colors or say coral, turquoise, mauve rose and mint green - these types of colors will date your wedding photos and forever, when you and your family or guests at your home see your wedding photos they can say, "I see you got married in 1995 or 2017" No one wants that.

Sticking with your main color as white or ivory and using your wedding colors as accents makes it harder to do that with. Also, using classic wedding colors such as reds and wines, blues, pinks, peaches, and assorted greenery will make your decor timeless.

Using natural items such as mountains, aspen trees, and waterfalls as ceremony back drops will never go out of style. Colorado's mountains are the perfect place to find such great features. Using natural elements as the back drop to your ceremony sometimes requires some imagination as to where seating will be and what you can stand on to make sure your feet don't get wet, if you're using a pond or waterfall as a back drop.

Call Event Decor Divas today to assist you in creating your magical and timeless wedding ceremony decor.

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