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Elegant wedding decor, Denver

March 30, 2018

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Why are you the best decorator in Denver?

June 4, 2018

1.  Who is Event Decor Divas, what do you do, and how long have you been in the wedding industry? 


Jennifer Lane of Jennifer Lane Events & Event Decor Divas.  Our motto is: Creating extraordinary weddings since 1991, why you ask.  Well, almost anyone can create a wedding, but we specialize in creating weddings that you & your guests will remember for a life time, special unique touches, elements and memorizing, he day runs like clock work and you feel like a princess for an entire day.  A majority of our weddings are featured in magazines and TV shows – extraordinary.


2. How did you become a wedding planner?   What do you like the most about your job? 


I started planning high-end events and weddings in 1991, under the watchful eye of Pinehurst Country Clubs events manager.  For nearly 15 years, every event and wedding that came through the facility, I was the lead planner for.  We averaged 1000 events and weddings a year.  In 2004, I decided that I’d like to be able to work with clients on a more personal level and broke out on my own.  You know, quality rather than quantity.  Now I can spend more time and really customize the events and weddings we work on to our clients.  From finding the perfect location, assisting with vendor selection, to creating jaw-dropping décor elements, and making sure that you make it to the plane on time, it’s customer service 100% of the time. 


What I love most about my job, is even when two clients come to me with the same color scheme, no two events or weddings are ever the same.   


3. What are the typical services offered by a wedding planner? What is the typical cost (range)?  Any tips for those on a tight budget?


We provide full service, however, we bill hourly, which means you only pay for the services you need.  No package you have to upgrade to get what you want or need.  You select which items you would like us to handle, and that is what we will do to the best of our ability and usually, exceeding expectations.  



Full Service Event Planning & Production

             Colorado, National and International

Full Service Wedding Planning & Production

              Colorado, National and International

  • Agenda Development

  • Entertainment and Talent

  • Event Design and Custom Created Decor and Lighting

  • Venue Selection

  • Menu Selection

  • Invitations

  • Corporate Gift Selection, Awards and Promotional Items

  • Graphic Design, Collateral Pieces and Signage

  • Detailed Logistics Planning

  • Onsite Event Management

  • Show Direction

  • Site and Venue Selection

  • Travel, Accommodations and Transportation Services

  • Vendor Selections

  • Vendor Negotiations

  • Event Website

  • Floor plans

  • Timelines

  • Event Day Management (starts 30 days in advance of event)


  • Service staff

  • Set up staff

  • Take down staff

  • Bar Tenders

  • Cocktail Servers

  • Live Actors

  • Theater quality large prop design team

  • Decor design with decor glitz fairy installation


The typical  or average cost for full wedding planning with our services and 26 years of expertise,  to do everything and you just make selections, is 40 -60 hours or $4,000 -$6,000. 


Tight budget tips:  staying classic with design and style but adding a few trendy elements helps to keep the budget in check.  Also if you and another bride have similar taste and are willing to use a majority of the same décor elements the two f you can share the overall costs cutting your budget even more.   The last tip of advice for cutting costs and keeping the check book in good shape, is once you make your selections for your wedding, stay off Pinterest and Instagram. 


4.  How do your weddings differ, and how are they the same?


No two weddings are ever the same, why, we customize every wedding to our client, their vision, their budget and desires. 


There are a few elements we keep the same,  those are the order to have all of the main events happen in the reception.  The reason why, is so that your guests don’t say, I missed the toast, the cutting f the cake, or the first dance.