Wedding Planning Pains

Guest blog post by Jennifer Lane Events

Here at Jennifer Lane Events we hear all of the time, “I am so overwhelmed with wedding planning, there is so much to do, too many decisions, I don’t know where to being and I just feel like I’m in over my head. I don’t know which vendors really can do what they say they can and which ones, because I’ve heard about paying vendors and they don’t show up, which ones do that, as I don’t want to hire them. I need a professional wedding planner, with lots of experience to be able to help me make this process easy and fun again but also gives me the ability to be unique and showcase my personality and elegance.” Well great! That’s what Jennifer Lane Events in Denver Colorado specializes in.

Jennifer Lane Events and Event Décor Diva’s, our sister company, is an exclusive wedding and event planner and designer at several elite venues across Denver Colorado, nationally such as in New York, Nashville, and California to name a few, and internationally, such as Germany, Italy, Paris, and even Ireland, just to name a few international locations we work. As a result, we can get you into several stunning venues and be able to pass along special pricing as our client. In addition, it is our job to be in the know about new venues, and spectacular historic venues that fit our clients desires. It is our job to know which vendors preform, show up, follow through & gives you your money’s worth in energy – giving you their best. In addition, because we are planning 20-60 weddings in a year, our names carry clout and savings in most places with vendors. Some times, brides are choosing similar décor options and two plus brides can share décor saving even more money. On average, Jennifer Lane Events saves our higher end brides $15K or more over the course of their wedding, while delivering an amazing magazine quality wedding day.

Of course we offer financing options too so you can have the wedding day you desire without having to eat Ramon noodles for 2 years afterwards.

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