Extraordinary Graduation Décor

This year in Graduation party décor, we, Event Décor Divas in Denver have been asked to do several different unique themes…. Of course we are celebrating the kids or now adults heading out on a new adventure – so much hope… We have been asked to do everything from creating an adventure camping trip with things like 9th grade, trade school, vocational school, sports, marching band etc. For this theme we created a grand lodge for check in, where the campers with a guide (teacher) escorted them past the waterfall and down the path that lead through trees and giant mushrooms to the multiple fork in the road, sounds just like life, right? At the fork, the guide would say, I’ve taught you all I can, it’s now time for you to fly on your own & put to good use, all of the things you’ve been taught. The attendees would then pick a path, some went through fields of flowers, sand, more forests, by a “lake” and all then ended up in the ballroom, a forest clearing, where they ate dinner, watched the presentation, received their diploma and were sent off to roast marshmallows and make s’mores, after all it’s only 9th grade headed into high-school…

We have been asked to create tributes to the graduates high school, and to their headed to college. We these we bring in the mascot of the new college. Having fun food is a must as well as mocktails and cocktails and a way to distinguish which is which. Enough room is important. Not to mention, a plan A, B & C for what is going to happen for weather purposes, it is Colorado, after all. Having a wet blanket for your graduation party isn’t ok.

We have even been asked to create a College graduation party this year, which, (wink – wink) happened to also be her surprise marriage proposal! She said yes. And the client got to save money by having two parties for the price of one; her College graduation and an engagement party. The theme for this event was white party. We had everyone dress in white, created white palm trees, white LED furniture, luxury white leather sofas and benches. Crystal columns dripping from the ceiling and a LED dance floor with white chasing lights. Obviously everything was at night. A live band in one area, A DJ in another, the proposal was both photographed and video graphed. Custom white cocktails and as guests arrived they walked up a white carpet.

Jennifer Lane Events and Event Décor Divas creates extraordinary events that will leave your guests talking about your event for years. Yes, we have financing options so you can get what you want for your event. Call us today about your event.

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