25th Corporate Anniversary Decor & Themes, How To

This year we’ve been hired to do several 25th company anniversary parties. Each company has a little different take on the event for them & their company, but the resounding result is that they want to thank their patrons for their loyalty and thank them for their success.

We’ve been asked to do a Paris theme party complete with a 20 ft tall Eiffel tower, mimes, and a café with fresh baked baguettes, long & lean models showing off the jewelry throughout the event - done for a French jewelry company in Denver. We have also been asked to create a block long festival celebrating their town complete with food trucks, a café area, live bands, face painting, petting zoo and to end the night with fireworks for a pizza place in Golden Colorado. Lots of special permits and hoops of fire (literally) needed to be met, applied for and acquired for this event.

Yet, another company has requested that we do a two part event, one night to thank their

employees for making them a success and the next day a thank you event for their patrons. This event for the first night was an oversized Pac-Man game where live people were Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man and the employees where the ghosts trying to solve clues left throughout the game to get a higher score for prizes like trips to Disney Land and such, we also had carnival games, and a live band. The next night for the patrons was Willy Wonka (can you tell its for a candy store?). we had oversized gumballs where the attendees could be the insides of the gumballs while they went through the machine to be “eaten”. No one ate you. We had created 6-12 foot tall candy forests that guests walked through to get to the next fun event station. All of the themed mock-tails and cocktails were candy themed. Using a fountain, we created the chocolate river.

Finally we were asked to create for an adventure guide company, an Old West themed event outside. We choose a ghost town location with a river and created (with several special permits) camp fire rings for both catering to cook over (to be legit, for ambiance and cooking smores later). We then brought in 12 ft tall old west building facades, a western themed petting zoo for the kids, had a horse & buggy rides, shooting gallery, salon girl dancers preforming, and also hired actors to re-enact the shoot out at the ok coral. (no one died!! In our version.) Finally the event ended with a mini rodeo, yes, I said rodeo and a live band for dancing until after midnight. A pancake and hash brown breakfast was served as guests got on buses to head back to civilization.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that here at Jennifer Lane Events and Event Décor Divas in Denver Colorado, the sky & your budget are the only limits. We work with our clients to make your dreams come true and even have financing available to be able to get you what you need and want to truly thank your employees and patrons for their continued loyalty to your company. We specialize in creating extraordinary events that your attendees will talk about for years! We look forward to working with you.

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