Champagne & Caviar Tastes on a Frank & Beans Décor Budget

This week, we had a couple schools in Cherry Creek / Highlands Ranch areas of Denver want to use us for school functions for décor work. We love working with schools and kids and showing them that its totally possible to blow their mind when they walk into their event, things like realistic and working Hollywood décor props that we create. However, even though all the taxes from Colorado’s weed sales were to go into schools…. their budgets are typically still tight. The teachers, parents and of course the kids all have big ideas as to what they want to do with their tight budget, totally unaware of what realistic décor props cost to create and maintain. Even though, we can still usually work within these budgets however, there won’t be as many over the top elements, possibly just one or two. Sometimes, schools have awesome budgets and prom is talked about for 4-6 years. Those of course are our favorite ones to do, as they are so elaborate. We will work with a school to give them the best rates possible, and in special circumstances we have even been able to cut costs in half when another school or client wants the same décor element… However, when a parent or teacher is unappreciative of the, sometimes, thousands of dollars in discounts they’ve received and demand additional discounts, that’s when I get upset.

We never allow clients to move or transport our décor pieces. Why? We have décor elements which are very sensitive if they are going to remain in working order upon delivery. Such as a fire pit that has 3 foot tall flames and smokes. If it isn’t working upon arrival, we have a professional there to troubleshoot and make it work. If a client picks up, transports and sets up on their own it negates our insurance policy and if its not working upon arrival due to rough handling, I have to send a professional to trouble shoot and get it working anyway.

Over the years we have worked with several schools for graduation events, for proms and homecomings. Event Décor Divas where we create the extraordinary each and every event – so we can blow the mind of your attendees.

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