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Jennifer got her start in prop making in high school theater and working at a haunted house in the large prop department. As a result, hardly any item purchased at the hardware store is ever used for its intended purpose.

Jennifer of Jennifer Lane Events absolutely loves Halloween! Don’t get me wrong we spend 9 months out of the year covered in lace, lame, glitter, gold, candles, silver and sparkles, however, I adore the season of blood, guts & gore! Jennifer enjoys movies of ghosts, ghouls, blood/ guts, vampires, and the dark side of scary that Jennifer has all kinds of insane ideas just dying to be requested by a client so she can create them. Things like man eating plants, early 1900s insane asylum scenes, gold mine accidents, a glass coffin with a “deceased girl” (not a real one) in it & then using it as the buffet table, vampire feeding pits, clowns jumping out of crazy locations scaring the pee out of you and my favorite… trapped in a mirror fun house with a psycho killer!

#hauntedhouse #Halloween #eventdecor

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