Elegant wedding decor, Denver

You always see white, but did you know that 2018s signature colors are jewel tones? Deep red, emerald green and royal/ sapphire blue. So are velvets, lace and satin, textures and gold delicate beading. For the best results we recommend that you if you want to look back on your photos & videos and have you family try to guess what decade you were married in… that you want to stay classically elegant. That said, everyone wants to be on trend too. So add touches of the trends just don’t drench your wedding in it.

What does this mean? It means use white, ivory, classic white or ivory candles inside gold mirror candles and roses, carnations and a mix of other classic flowers, but add in something like sapphire blue velvet runners with gold beaded chargers, and mirrors to reflect the candles. Adding in an arbor or chuppa in classic white or ivory will be beautiful. Then of course you can add mirrors for the bar menu, the buffet menu and emerald greenery garlands.

Event Décor Divas has been creating stunning custom wedding décor since 1991. We love to assist our couples in creating a beautiful wedding day that reflects their personality stays elegantly classic and little touches of the current trends

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