Haunted Wedding Décor

Jennifer got her start in prop making in high school theater and working at a haunted house in the large prop department. As a result, hardly any item purchased at the hardware store is ever used for its intended purpose.

Creating elements from the Adams Family mansion a 1920s dark Hollywood Glam concept makes a uniquely dark yet elegant wedding décor, for those who like the dark side. Items such as tall black 5 arm candelabras with red candles, dripping in crystals, black roses, and deep red satin linens draped in black lace, very sensual, yet sophisticated and on the dark side.

Jennifer Lane Events has done the headless horseman in Sleepy Hallow New York with the ceremony backdrop being a graveyard. In a fake grave we created we had the rider of death on his horse with red eyes climbing out of the grave. The headless horseman holding his head meet guests as they arrived, just to set the mood. We then had the headless horseman be the Officiant for the wedding. During the cocktail hour we had a large team of make-up artists turning the guests into zombies for the zombie crawl reception. This was one of my most favorite weddings… why? It was so unique and different, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would want to replicate it, but it was so fun! All of the guests had a blast.

Jennifer of Jennifer Lane Events absolutely loves Halloween! Don’t get me wrong we spend 9 months out of the year covered in lace, lame, glitter, gold, candles, silver and sparkles, however, I adore the season of blood, guts & gore! Jennifer enjoys movies of ghosts, ghouls, blood/ guts, vampires, and the dark side of scary that Jennifer has all kinds of insane ideas just dying to be requested by a client so she can create them. Things like man eating plants, early 1900s insane asylum scenes, gold mine accidents, a glass coffin with a “deceased girl” (not a real one) in it & then using it as the buffet table, vampire feeding pits, clowns jumping out of crazy locations scaring the pee out of you and my favorite… trapped in a mirror fun house with a psycho killer!

Do you love Halloween and want to bring a little touch to your wedding? Obviously that’s an option.

Jennifer Lane Events, creating your extraordinary events and weddings since 1991!

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