Decorate your event with calligraphy for a gorgeous appearance

Wedding trends come and go – and yet, the truly classy, elegant and beautiful things will always be appreciated by brides of all types. Calligraphy is one of them – but how to include it in a gorgeous wedding in 2016?

Wedding table numbers. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, table numbers (or table names, if you want to take it up a notch and make things more unique) will be needed. Use beautiful calligraphy for your table numbers and they will add an instant touch of elegance and beauty.

  • Cute messages. Want to make your wedding décor more personal and pretty? Place some cute signs around the wedding venue – and they will definitely do a great job of making things cuter and more romantic.

  • On the back of the shoes or on the sole. Want to add a sentimental touch to your Big Day? Write a beautiful calligraphic messages on the back of your wedding shoes – you will surely feel as if you’re walking on Cloud Nine!

  • Escort cards/wedding favors. Your escort cards are really important if you want to make sure everyone knows where they are seated. Escort cards & the favors can be combined into one item as well, which will help to keep your costs down. Add beauty and elegance to these cards by using calligraphy fonts to write your guests’ names on them. And, if you want the place cards to double as wedding favors, design them to be shaped as usable items such as bottle openers, mail openers, plantable flower pieces, crystal Christmas tree ornaments or other small items – people will love these!

  • Small pieces of décor. Aside from centerpieces and wedding signs, you will most likely want to add other, larger pieces of décor to your wedding – and this is a wonderful occasion to include calligraphy as well! For example, mirrors with calligraphy messages of love, large windows with the items of your bar listed on them, we have even used French doors as the seating arrangement element, directional signs just to name a few!

Searching for someone to help you pull off the perfect wedding décor? Come visit Event Décor Divas, contact us and let’s talk about the wedding of your dreams! We guarantee we will make it happen!

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