Add some style to your wedding centerpiece decor

Beautiful wedding décor is not simply “born”- it takes time, dedication and a passionate eye for details to bring together elements that complement each other and create the perfect ambiance for the Big Day.

Of course, your wedding centerpieces are among the most important elements of the Big Day’s décor – but how to make sure you add a lot of style and uniqueness to them? We have some great ideas for you – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

  • Rustic-chic. A style that has been extremely popular over the past few years, rustic-chic wedding themes are really amazing for someone who wants a nature-inspired wedding filled with elegance, beauty and wilderness at the same time. For this kind of wedding, create stylish centerpieces with wild flowers in untamed arrangements – and place them in unusual “vases”, such as mason jars or even buckets. We love using grapevine or even hanging organic arrangements from trees.

  • Classy romantic. If you are the kind of bride who always wanted a big dress and a ballroom for her Big Day, you surely want to settle for a romantic décor that’s timeless and elegant. Your centerpieces should obviously speak about that too! We suggest you choose classic blooms (such as hydrangeas, peonies or roses), to bring them together in very well-polished arrangements and to place them in low-key, elegant vases – however be sure to add bling or mirrors and candles to an evening event.

  • Glamorous beauty. If you want the big wedding that awes everyone with décor that’s simply gorgeous, you are desiring a glamorous décor theme. For this type of event, the centerpieces have to be astounding, full of opulence and magnificence – so we advise you to create very tall arrangements with lots of blooming beauties in them. Don’t forget to add crystals, rhinestones, glitter and other glam elements to the centerpieces too – they can really make everything look more exquisite! We are geniuses with this theme so be sure to ask what we envision in the space with your color palette.

Event Décor Divas can help you have a dreamy wedding, just as you have always wanted it to be. We will listen to your ideas, we will bring together all the details and we will help you breathe life into your Big Day’s décor – and we guarantee it will be absolutely stunning! Contact us and find out more about our services!

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