Create a shabby chic birthday, perfect for a little girl!

Throwing a birthday party can be demanding when you want everything to be perfect – and when your baby girl is the one to be celebrated, you definitely want this event to be absolutely flawless.

Here, at Event Décor Divas, we know how to pull off events that are simply spectacular and unforgettable – regardless of whether they are weddings, birthdays or other special moments in peoples’ lives.

If you want your baby girl’s birthday to be really amazing, consider having a shabby-chic party. How to do that? How to plan a shabby-chic party everyone will remember? Here are some tips to help you with that:

  • The colors. In general, shabby-chic parties look best with very soft pastel colors (which are also perfect for a little girl’s birthday, after all). Don’t be afraid to mix and match them, to create a suave and delicate look for the party! Also, to make the color scheme look balanced, you can use one or two shades that are a bit darker – but do make sure the pastels dominate the décor.

  • The antique touches. You don’t have to purchase an entire set of antique pieces of décor. A few well-chosen pieces, placed in important spots around the room can look amazing without breaking the bank. For example, you could use an antique plate to place the party favors on, or you could use an antique vase to decorate the candy bar.

  • The repurposed old items. Those old brooches you have from your grandma, those vases, those jewelry boxes, those quilts – they can all be gorgeously repurposed for the party. Use your creativity and you will definitely pull this off!

  • The large statement piece. To create a wow effect, see if you can rent out a larger antique or vintage piece of furniture (such as a table or a crate you use as the candy bar, for example).

  • The antiqued new items. Cannot find what you are looking for? See if you cannot get your hands on an older (not necessarily antique) piece of furniture and paint it with antique touches (e.g. white, with imperfect patches here and there).

  • The flowers. Shabby-chic parties and flowers always look great together – so don’t be afraid to go over-the-top with the flowers (and with the floral prints too). The more flowery things get, the more shabby-chic everything will be!

  • The ribbons. Want to create a playful and feminine look for this special birthday party? Use ribbons to decorate the chairs, the tables – and pretty much everything else. It will look so cute!

Searching for someone to help you design the picture-perfect event you have envisioned? Contact Event Décor Divas and we will be there to provide you with quality, professional and genuinely dedicated event design services!

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