If you plan on decorating your next event with candles, be aware of some innovative ideas!

Here, at Event Décor Divas, we know better than anyone just how much attention to detail goes into planning a spectacular event. Regardless of whether you are planning your wedding, a special anniversary or even a corporate event, you will definitely want everything about it to be superb – and candles can do that for you.

Candlelit events look suave, delicate and beautiful – and they can work for a variety of occasions too. But how to create unique candle décor for your event? We have some tips for you – so read on to inspire yourself:

  • Floating votive candles. For a gentle touch, decorate your event with different transparent containers (long, short, etc.) and place votive candles inside. It will look gorgeous!

  • Mason jars. This works perfectly for an outdoor or rustic-chic event – and the best part about it is that you can get really creative even on a low budget. Fill Mason jars with candles, paint or decorate the Mason jars (or simply leave them as they are) and you will create an adorable effect!

  • Wood candle holders. For a nature-inspired décor, choose wooden taper candle holders. Leave them in their natural color or spray paint them with your favorite colors if you want to add a dash of liveliness.

  • Mirrored candlelight. Use one large mirror (for a round-shaped table) or multiple smaller mirrors grouped together (for a rectangular table) and use these as support for transparent candle holders and votive candles. The mirror will make everything look even more glamorous!

  • Illusion candles. Take a larger glass vase and fill it with water. Then, take another vase that’s just a bit smaller and place it in the first vase. Place candles in the second vase and it will look as if they are submerged, yet still lit up!

  • Splendid luminaries. Take vases of different heights, shapes and sizes and stick velum-made rectangular shapes on these vases. The vases you create this way will look beautiful and unique!

Searching for someone who can help you with the event décor and design? Come visit Event Décor Divas! We have the experience, the high level of dedication and the genuine passion you need on your side to plan an event that looks stunning from all points of view!

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