When planning the look of your event centerpieces, you should be aware of these do’s and don’ts!

Your wedding centerpieces are really important for the way in which the entire wedding day will look. They will pull together your whole décor, they will create a wonderful ambiance at each table and, of course, they will create a superb focal point for your tables.

How to make sure you choose the perfect centerpieces for your Big Day? Event Décor Divas has plenty of experience in working with centerpieces that stole our clients’ hearts – so we have gathered some do’s and don’ts you should definitely bear in mind. Read on and find out more!


  • Local and seasonal – these are the two qualities that will make your florals absolutely amazing from so many points of view! From the fact that they have a better chance to be fresher to the fact that they will be cheaper, there are a lot of reasons to settle for what’s local and in-season. Plus, there’s a huge variety of options all year-round, so you will have plenty to choose from (e.g. fragrant blooms in spring, dahlias and sunflowers in fall, lavender and hydrangeas in summer or carnations and holly for winter).

  • Think of what to do with your centerpieces after the wedding. Depending on how large or small your wedding may be, you will find that there might be one-too-many wedding centerpieces to take at home – so you’ll have to find different “destinations” for them. We suggest you plan some party games and offer centerpieces as prizes. Guests will love them and it will also make for some really fun moments too!

  • Think of ways to create interest, such as 2-3 varieties of centerpieces. When doing height – the lowest part of the arrangement should be 2.5 feet above the table, so guests aren’t playing peek a boo through the arrangement to talk to the others on the other side of the table. When this happens – guests will take the arrangement off the table and put it on the floor. If your arrangement will be directly on the table (not up high) then you need to think of how tall the flowers will be so that the peek a boo scenario doesn’t happen from the other direction. So no taller than 12 inches or a minimum of 2 ½ feet tall. Think boxes or thin or clear stands or clear tall vases to get your centerpieces up higher too. These are all good alternatives.

  • Most of all, do make sure you choose décor that is an expression of you! Regardless of if you are planning a grand wedding, or something more intimate, let your décor reflect who you are as a person, as a couple and overall what you have always envisioned it to be.


  • Do NOT limit your creativity. Large, short, round or based on herbs only, centerpieces are all beautiful when you add your personality into the mix. Be creative, show off your unique personality and your wedding centerpieces will be more than appreciated.

  • Do NOT forget to take the table shape into consideration. If you want your centerpieces to look good in their environment, consider the shape of your wedding tables. For example, round tables look best with one centerpiece (e.g. a tall and luscious one), square tables are at their most gorgeous with larger centerpieces in the middle, while long/rectangular shapes look amazing when they are “accessorized” with opulent floral runners.

Event Décor Divas is here to help you design a stunning wedding day. We have the experience, we know how to listen to our clients and we also know how to breathe life into their ideas. Come visit us, contact us and let’s talk about your wedding ideas – we will make them reality in a flawless and stress-free way!

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