Make sure you know all about flowers when planning to use them in your wedding decor!

Sweet, romantic and meaningful, flowers are an absolute must at any wedding! All the details you include in your décor will set the entire tone and atmosphere of your big day, and flowers and the way they arranged will definitely be the highlight. From their bold colors, or natural delicacy, you will be sure to create bouquets of beauties that fit you, your personality and overall vision of how you want your décor to appear.

With many options to choose from, it is important that you know the best way to decide on your flowers as well as how to obtain them. Furthermore, you will want your décor to be remembered as gorgeous and well put together, with all of your passions utilized in a stunningly creative way.

What are some of the most important things you should know about your wedding flowers as a bride-to-be? Event Décor Divas has gathered some tips for you – so read on for inspiration:

  • First and foremost, finding a wedding florist you trust is really, really important – and one of the main reasons it is so crucial is because you really need an experienced person to help you make the right choices (and to quickly replace options if they are not available). Here, at Event Décor Divas, we will make sure that you not only receive the best wedding florist services, but that your florals are also flawlessly coordinated with all the other décor elements. We work with highly sought after floral vendors to create a luxurious, high-end chic wedding that will be sure to please the eyes of your guests.

  • Furthermore, it is also important to know that you will most likely not see your flower arrangements until the actual wedding day. The reason behind this is actually beneficial for you: by having the flowers ready on the big day only, they will look fresh and it will take more time until they wither. However, your florist should be able to set up some examples for you to view beforehand so you have the best idea of how gorgeous they will look. Of course, some clients demand a trial run of their bouquet and sometimes focal point arrangements. That can always be done, but be aware, you’ll be paying for those trial run pieces as well as the real thing being done on your wedding day.

  • Bring your wedding together by choosing the right flowers. From roses to lilies, the list of flowers can go on for miles, making it difficult to decide on which ones will be the most beneficial to your wedding décor. The best way to go about making your decision is first deciding what type of theme you want your wedding to be and then choosing your color palette, after these have been decided you should be able to narrow down some options. This can be done at the initial appointment with the florist. Don’t worry, we will help you. Once you have your floral options you can easily see which ones will best pair with your décor or which ones speak the most to you and your overall wedding vision. Also, no one said you had to just pick one flower…if you have a few you like, use them all, some flowers accompany each other very well! This will also have a more elegant and polished look.

  • The moment you hold your bouquet for the first time will be absolutely magical. You will feel like a true bride – and you will genuinely feel that your dream wedding has finally come true, after all the planning and anxiety. Cherish this moment for its uniqueness and beauty! But, don’t just toss some flowers together and call it good, your bouquet should flow elegantly with your centerpieces and other floral décor, so that way your wedding is tied together in a subtle, yet gorgeous way!

Event Décor Divas provides brides and grooms with high quality event design services in Colorado. If you want your wedding to look spectacular without having to worry about all the organizational details, contact us to find out more about what we offer! We will not disappoint you in any way!

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