Create an elegant fairy princess party by incorporating these ideas

Your little bundle of joy deserves the very best for her big party – so if she’s in love with fairies, she will definitely love having a fairy princess-themed birthday. How do you do it, though? How do you pull it off in an elegant and truly unforgettable way your daughter will love?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The invitations. Since your invitations are the first things guests will come in contact with, you want them to be really impressive. We suggest you create handmade invitations shaped as stars, butterflies or even cute mushrooms. Also, for a touch of uniqueness, you could make your invitations on fairy wands – this will add an extra dose of “magic” to the entire event as well as offer the littlest guests a creative pre-party favor! Don’t forget to use moss and itty bitty flowers.

  • The décor. Large butterflies, woodland branches with flowers, “fire-fly’s”,giant six foot tall mushrooms, or creating the party to appear as if inside and hollow log! Also, Mason Jars can look gorgeous with fairy lights in them or painted in fluorescent colors. Glitter, glitter, glitter, fluffy feathers and tulle are all staples of fairy party decor. Down the center of the tables should include: moss, tiny flowers, baby’s breath, greenery garlands, For the entrance of the “fairy party”, create a beautiful sign saying “Fairies Welcome”! It will all look absolutely gorgeous. Contact Event Décor Divas.

  • The favors. Make your daughter’s guests feel very special by offering them fairy princess-themed favors. Bottles of fairy glitter, magical fairy wands, or fun bubble-blowing toys – these are just some of the cute options you could settle for.

  • The food. Of course, fairies only eat fairy food – so make sure to create a “menu” suitable for such a high-ranked fairy affair! For example, adorable flower-shaped fruit bites with kiwi and strawberries are a healthy, quick option all the little ones will love. Also, butterfly-shaped sandwiches and pretzels dipped in white chocolate and colored sprinkles (“fairy pretzel wands”) will be more than successful too.

Searching for someone to help you plan and design a special event in your life? Contact Jennifer Lane Events and we will be there for you with our talent, creativity, experienced and devotion to perfection!

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