Decorating For An Event Using All 5 Senses

When most people think of decorating for an event, they think of linen color, centerpieces, streamers, flower arrangements, and balloons. These items are purchased, arranged perfectly, and viola, decorating for the event is complete! Or is it? An event’s decor does not solely rest on the decorations. An event’s décor should create an environment for the event. Creating a complete and memorable environment should engage all 5 senses. Here are tips on how to engage all 5 senses.


An eye catching idea, that can work with any budget, is to have all your decor one color. This creates a cohesive environment, ambiance, and drama with minimal effort. Center pieces of inexpensive monochromatic floral arrangements can add extra drama to your event! If your budget allows, work one color into the lighting and food and beverage offerings. Extend the monochromatic décor concept to your guests by asking them to wear outfits using the decor color. This is a fun way to involve your guests in the overall event, and make them part of the decor. Not a fan of the monochromatic concept, mix colors into your decor. Remember, colors can evoke emotions. Use simple color options by choosing one main color and an accent color. Another option is to choose multiple colors (no more than five), or varying shades of the same color that will evoke emotion.


The music played during an event is crucial to the event’s vibe. Make sure the music is relevant to the event theme. While making your music selection, ask yourself the following:

Is there enough music for the entire event?

Is the music appropriate for the event? Is the music appropriate for the guest demographic? Do the guests find the music interesting?

Is the volume appropriate for this particular event? Does the volume allow guests to comfortably hold a conversation?


Follow the adage “less is more” when selecting an aroma for your event. Aroma selecting tips:

1. Ask yourself: do your guests have allergies? If so, avoid floral or citrus fragrances to avoid evoking allergic reactions.

2. Avoid scents that are naturally very strong.

3. Select one fragrance for your event (this can be flowers, candles, incense, scented oils, room spritzers, etc.).

Every event should have great food and drinks. You do not have be a gourmet chef to make this happen. Use your resources to bring great food and drinks to your event. Food for the event can go beyond the hours of the gathering! One idea to evoke and maintain the taste sense of your guests is to have each guest receive a gift bag with a delicious red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Not only will the guests enjoy the food and drinks, they will be able to take a taste of the event home.


Engaging your guests sense of touch addresses two event environmental questions:

• How are your guests feeling?

• What are your guests feeling?

How your guests are feeling deals with the layout and traffic flow of the event. You want to make sure the layout of tables and chairs allows guests enough space to move around comfortably. Guests that feel cramped or uncomfortable may leave your event sooner than later. Event layout tip: have food stations and beverage stations in separate areas. This will minimize congestion between the two stations.

What your guests are feeling deals with the texture and comfort of linens, furnishings, and anything a guest touches. Make sure all decor items are pleasing to the touch.

Remember, your event is an experience. An event that engages the five senses creates a memorable event experience your guests will never forget!


'Nough said. Food is important.

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