Create a unique engagement party by following these tips:

Your engagement party is just as important as all the other pre-wedding events – and it is the first event of the entire series, so it sets the “tone” for everything else as well. How to create a truly unique engagement party? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more:

  • Serve classy food. A plateau with cheese, nuts and fruit will be a delight for your guests’ taste buds and they will definitely enjoy grabbing such delicious bites. Plus, this kind of food is very easy to serve and you don’t need a very large budget as well.

  • Champagne cocktails. If you want to add just a dash of luxuriousness to your engagement party, create a champagne cocktail for you and your guests. This type of cocktail is bound to have an amazing taste and it will definitely be appreciated by everyone.

  • The trick is to have one to two items that are high profile, glam or wow factor and the rest of your décor to be supporting roles to your focal point. Some people are crafty décor geniuses, however, most of the population doesn’t have time to create their vision. Talk to a professional décor company, such as Event Décor Divas located in Denver to assist you in creating your event décor to show off your personality and theme.

  • Elegant cake. Your engagement cake should be really beautiful and delicious (same as your wedding cake will be). We suggest you settle on a smaller cake (one to two tiers) with the filling you love (maybe try something more special?) and covered in metallic-colored frosting. It will look and taste really great!

Searching for someone to help you decorate the Big Day or any of the pre-wedding events? Event Décor Divas is here for you! Just give us a call, let’s discuss your ideas and how we can incorporate them into your event! Other décor companies in Denver have a minimum of $7,500 - $20,000; we will work with smaller budgets. With our experience and talent, you are bound to have a truly stunning party!

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