You only turn 16 once, make sure you throw an amazing Sweet 16!

Your Sweet 16 is a very unique moment in your life – so it is of the utmost importance that you plan it right. How do you throw a party no one will ever forget? How to make your Sweet 16 amazing both for you and your guests? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Discuss your desires with your parents. Tell them about the fact that you want a Sweet 16 party – and that you really don’t want a surprise party whatsoever. Furthermore, tell them about the wishes you have for your Sweet 16 party and discuss with them all the details. Decide or have a clear idea as to what the total budget you want to stay within.

  • Choose a party theme. This is a great idea because it can help you bring together all the elements of the party and make everything look really stylish and beautiful. From color-based party themes to other types of themes (e.g. inspire by a story, by a movie or by a hobby), there’s a myriad of options available out there from Aladdin, Paris, circus, masquerade and many more.

  • Interview and hire a planner, if your budget allows. Why? A great planner can assist you with deals that they are privy to where they can save you money between the facility and other event professionals you need.

  • Choose a venue. Once you have your party theme in mind, go with your parents and visit the venues in your area. See which one is more suitable for your ideal Sweet 16 and for your party theme as well.

  • Food and entertainment. Like every good party, your Sweet 16 will need plenty of good food and it will also need amazing entertainment too. We suggest you hire a band or a DJ and you also bring in some other live entertainment, such as live actors that will round out your event & make it beyond memorable. Fun games can be a welcome change of pace too.

Searching for someone to help you plan an important event? Contact Event Décor Divas and allow us to be part of the most magical moments of your entire life! Contact us and let us design and plan a party that’s better than anything your guests have ever seen!

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