Decorate your wedding ceremony aisle beautifully with these design ideas:

Few moments are as emotionally-charged and beautiful as the moment you walk down the aisle, ready to spell out the big “I Do”. Because this moment is such a grand one in your life, you definitely want it to be absolutely flawless – and the décor you choose can play a hugely important role in this.

How to plan a spectacular design for your wedding ceremony aisle? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you, so read on if you want to find out more!

  • Lanterns. A timeless wedding décor option, lanterns are an amazing choice and they can be a gorgeous complement for your ceremony aisle too. Settle for candle-lit lanterns for a very romantic touch, for paper lanterns if you want a whimsical ceremony décor and for lanterns filled with seashells for a stunning beach wedding.

  • Clusters of flowers. Delicate clusters of flowers can act as the perfect wedding ceremony aisle décor, so don’t be afraid that they will be “too boring”. Go for wild flowers if you plan on having a rustic wedding or for clusters of mono-color flowers for a trendy and elegant event.

  • Flower petals. Replace the traditional aisle runner with a “blanket” of your favorite flower petals. You can choose to cover the entire aisle with these petals, but you can also choose to create a playfully romantic “runner” with swirls of flower petals too.

  • Paper flowers. Get really creative and eclectic by replacing “real” flowers with their paper alternatives! These arrangements can look just as gorgeous as the natural ones and they will add a unique touch to the entire ceremony décor!

Searching for a designer to help you create a gorgeous décor for your wedding ceremony and reception? Contact Event Décor Divas in Colorado and you will love our attention to detail and our stylish eye for aesthetic perfection!

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