Custom elements to reflect you

Create your custom designed wedding floral design completely infused with creative concepts of your vision of color scheme and/or theme. Entirely approved by you. This works hand in hand with the décor design. Many times floral is also custom designed to your vision and incorporated into the décor. You may not be able to see your actual flowers in entirety before the wedding, unless you would like to pay double for a preview of the entire order. However, most of the time, you have enough kept in the budget to bring in a small amount so you can see the color, design, shape and flow of a few pieces to approve.

  • Create unique décor design created from your desires & vision with creative concepts of color scheme and/or theme. This is a combination of décor and floral custom designed to your vision and Entirely approved by you in the color scheme or theme that you have chosen to embrace in your special occasion.

  • Custom design your Wedding Stationery and assist you with selection. Entirely approved by you. Custom designed stationery is just that. Designed to stay in your color scheme and theme of your wedding so the feeling of your wedding is seen and felt while the anticipation of your wedding from your guests are set from the first time they see your invite.

  • Develop event enhancements including atmospheric lighting, custom furnishings and decor. Entirely approved by you. Enhancements are just that. Enhance the feeling of the location and the mood that you want to set for your wedding.

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