June 2, 2019

March 15, 2019

March 2, 2019

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Elegant wedding decor, Denver

March 30, 2018

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Top 7 WOW FACTOR must haves for 2011

Keep your main décor choices leaning towards the classic.  Why?  Trendy becomes passé very quickly and you don’t want your wedding to look dated before you even get your wedding photo album.  Then adding in your trendy and or elaborate wow factor in touches will make it more timeless and impactful while at the same time still blowing away your guests.  In addition, WOW FACTOR is just that, touches of over the top sprinkled through out your wedding ceremony and reception.  Items that are or can still be classic but pack a big punch.  We’ve all seen the pink and turquoise color scheme with the teased up hair and puff sleeves.  One glance and you say, “Oh you were married in the 1980’s”.  Timeless classic with big impact touches is what WOW Factor really is.  Its even better, if your guests aren’t expecting WOW Factor then it really creates an impression that people will talk about for years.


1.       Country rustic chic – Hum, what is that exactly?  A little rusted wrought iron, metal sculptures, twig and branch ensembles, planters with bark.  Touches of white or white painted wrought iron and metal sculptures.  Milk glass for floral arrangements or centerpieces.


2.       Outdoor weddings featuring high quality bling, diamonds and tear drop crystals.  If you’ve opened a wedding magazine in the last few months, you’ve seen ton’s of this.


3.       Vintage in both dress, hair styles and hair accessories which includes feathers and birdcage veils.  Think Old Hollywood.