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For the bride whose personality is as big as she is! You want your wedding to be a statement, one that gives your guests shock and aw. The only problem is you don’t know how to do this without it going completely over board, and taking over the whole day. And that is never a good thing, after all the big day should be all about you and your future husband, mostly you though. Having colors be a large component of your decor and theme is great, and can look absolutely stunning; that’s why we are here to help you keep it all in check. To give you tips and show you some ideas of how to incorporate bright, fun, loud, and vibrant colors into your wedding; while still keeping it a classy and romantic event.

Many women start planning their wedding theme around their colors, the colors they want the bridesmaid’s dresses to be, the various flowers that they want in their bouquet, and so on and so forth. The trouble that they unfortunately run into is that they can’t narrow, they love them all! I don’t know about all of you but I don’t have just one favorite color, I love them all in their own right. Narrowing the vast arrays of colors available out there can be extremely difficult.

Instead of starting with the colors, think about you want out of your wedding. Think of a few words that describe you and your fiancé and how you want to feel on your day. Such as, romantic, warm, vintage antique, pearls; or modern glamour, party, fun, dancing. All these words on their own can bring out a whole slew of meanings, but once complied together they create a clear vision, and can set you out on the right path for your wedding.

Let’s start out with the romantic, warm, antique vintage, and pearls. The colors that jump out and immediately spring to my mind are rich shades of cream, soft pink hues, antiqued brass accents. To make things easy for yourself create a color board filled with things you love; pretty pictures that you think represent the theme, etc. Here is one that represents all or most of the hot topic words.

This color board shows ways to incorporate the colors and theme that you are looking for. It creates a soft, romantic, feminine feel. I love the photo in the top roe of the bride laughing; it shows her carefree happiness at her wedding, which every bride should have! Another wonderful trick is to fill canning jars with wild flowers. It creates an imperfectly beautiful centerpiece that pops on any table, and can save you major bucks. So I also found this gorgeous board and couldn't help but add it, I think that it goes perfectly with the main focus and hot topic words; it just takes it in a little different direction. Showing you that you can add whatever you want to your color board and achieve the same overall outcome, while having a completely different look!

In this photo board they took the theme and chose to add hints of peach and sea foam, keeping them in soft hues. The lace on the back of the wedding dress also adds the romantic feel; and who doesn't love cameos. They have such a beautiful antique feminine touch to them!

Off to a new theme, this one takes a complete turn for the opposite, or does it? Here is modern glamour, party, fun, dancing, whimsical. There are thousands of ways that you can run with these ideas. I am going to show you a couple of my favorites. I absolutely love the color combination of sky blue and poppy red, so when I found this next color board I was so excited!

For the bride whose looking to have a fun wedding where the reception goes long into the night filled with laughter, dancing, love & friendship this is a great way to accomplish that. Don’t create a formal event where everything is meant to be exact and perfect. Make the night elegantly informal, it will create less stress for you, your guest will have more fun, and most importantly so will you! These colors give off the perfect whimsical feel; they almost remind me of a carnival, but with a much more modern sophisticated spin. My favorite photo is of the birdcage veil. It is such a modern romantic look, which gives any bride a stunning appearance. The way they add major pops of the red is in the centerpieces. Here they chose vibrant carnations to fill a shallow ceramic vase. Carnations can be a great way to save a little money; they aren't very expensive and when bundles of them are complied together they can look lovely. An alternative way to take this theme is to choose one whimsical color and one strong masculine one. I chose this fabulous board below to represent that!

In this board we took our inspiration from bright & fanciful tangerine orange and the strong, sophisticated slate gray. The slate makes this wedding extremely modern, it has that sharp edge to it, but the tangerine keeps it fun and lighthearted all at the same time. When choosing two powerful colors make sure to keep the other things more simple. Here they have done a great job if this by keeping the flowers to only orchids. Orchids are a fabulous flower; they have a clean chic look to them and are wonderfully elegant.

Now remember, don’t let your color over run the entire wedding, we don’t want the bride getting lost in all on her special day! Break it down and decide what you want to achieve overall from the wedding; for both you and your guests. This will make it so much easier and enjoyable for you to plan your wedding. Good Luck!

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