Let Yourself Shine

A wedding is the day that most little girls dream of their entire lives. We have the pretend backyard weddings to our neighbors; we get all dressed up in white sheets with bouquets of flowers ripped straight from the ground. It is going to be the most important an biggest day of a woman’s life, unfortunately for many women; they become lost in all the excitement.

Weddings are most defiantly about the joining of families, however sometimes the families (mothers) can take over. It is easy for the bride to get wrapped up in what is expected of her to do; the big wedding, in the church, with the grand reception.

Don’t let the expectations take over and take away from what you want. What makes weddings so special and memorable for the guests is that there are small touches of bride and groom seen throughout. They don’t need to be the main event or overwhelming but small little hints. An easy way to do this is to have fun and unique table numbers. We have done weddings where the couple has used photos of family members that have passed on and were close to the couple. For them this was a special way to have them there at their wedding.

Another couple had their first date at a carnival circus fair. Inspired by this they used the vintage style of the circus posters from the early 1900’s as a template for the invitations, and this theme carried throughout the entire day in subtle and elegant ways.

These small touches will you allow you to bring in the personal importance’s to you and your future husband, while giving your guests an intimate look into your relationship

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