Holiday decor rentals.


Winter holidays.  Pine.   Trees - jack frost nipped & pine.  Snow.  More.

Fall holidays... Haunted house props.

Winter holidays.


Decorating for the holdiays takes a ton of time, why spend the time to do it yourself when you can hire it done?


  • Trees

  • Wreaths

  • Lighting

  • Snow


Haunted Halloween.


Our design team loves working on Halloween.  Every piece is a custom build for a client.


  • Items like ghostly dresses that glow in the dark for a dress designer.

  • Creating a bed of nails.

  • A guillotine. 

  • Witches that swing across the rooms.

  • Recreating scenes from the Salem Witch trials.

  • Recreating scenes from True Blood. 

  • Recreating scenes from Grimm. 

Madri Gras.  Circus. 
  • Lighting.

  • Feather boas.

  • Beads.

  • Feather dancers.

  • Stilt walkers.

  • Fire dancers and eaters.

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